August 5, 2022

Me, all things roll in oneKNOW YOURSELF Know yourself they say and don’t be...


Me, all things roll in one

KNOW YOURSELF Know yourself they say
and don’t be led astray
but how can I know who I am
when I’m different every day? Some days I’m the smart one
with the answers people need
and some days I’m the strong one
standing up to take the lead. On other days I’m sure
that if the wind blew me too hard
I would shatter like a glass
into a million tiny shards. And on those days I cower
and I hide out from the world
waiting on my inner child
to blossom and unfurl. And each day I’m surprised
by the newness that I see
the things I’m finding out
the complexity of me. So how to know yourself
when you’re all things rolled in one?
you simply must decide
to love whatever you become. Donna Ashworth
From ‘I Wish I Knew’: ♥️ Art by Lisa Aisato #loveyourself


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