May 30, 2022

Ready for school, which age? These days kids even starts at 3.Ready for School...


Ready for school, which age? These days kids even starts at 3.

Ready for School
Our school starting age in New Zealand is really an historical accident, or more probably accurately, an historical precedent. Children start school at five even though they don’t have to start until they are six. While more parents are taking the start-at-6 option, most don’t because starting at six not considered 'normal' in our culture. It takes courage to swim upstream in order to change things for the good of our children. Those who are not so keen on change will argue for the status quo, school at five. Those who are looking at aligning what the education system offers to child development will argue for pushing back abstract symbolic learning (reading, writing, mathematics) until 6 or 7, as the Scottish Education Authorities are doing with the introduction of their “Upstart” programme. Blessings on all of the parents whose ‘education activism’ will make it easier for other parents to look out for their children’s wellbeing.


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