March 31, 2022

This morning I woke up with the thought that I couldn't sleep a goodnight's slee...


This morning I woke up with the thought that I couldn't sleep a goodnight's sleep for the past 6 years. 6 years is not fun. Kids are messy sleepers. They decided to keep me up night after night. Feeding, burping, changing, potty training, blocked nose, allergies. it's just a cycle to mention. So, the thought of long sleep deprivation this morning was so intense that it couldn't let me go back to sleep again. I try to fill it up in the late morning, afternoon, whenever possible. It's just not working. Most of the time feel blank-headed, have severe memory loss, lack concentration, back pain. I can't sleep train them, which also gives me the vibe of being a bad mother. But it's true, I try so that at least they can have good sleep at night.

Motherhood is an extremely lonely journey with guilty feelings all the time, that's how I sum it up. The day they don't need me to take care of, I will wrap it up and will go back to where I came from.


আমার ফেসবুক প্রোফাইলে প্রথম প্রকাশিত

12 comments on “This morning I woke up with the thought that I couldn't sleep a goodnight's slee...”

  1. Happened to me too when I went to bd and Waliya’s sleep cycle got messed up. I got traumatized that I couldn’t sleep for two days thinking that If I don’t sleep right when she falls asleep then it’s a problem. This thought made me anxious and couldn’t sleep. Just when I had my eyes closed she would wake up

  2. এই স্টোরিগুলো দেখলে এতো ভয় লাগে আপু, কিডস মানেই শুধু কষ্ট আর কষ্ট মনে হয়। 😰

  3. Assalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu Afifa Raihana apu, Jajakilahu Khairan for describing it so nicely. My younger one is suffering friend Eczema flares since last one month. My 3rd baby is due in Mid of
    May In Sha Allah. Now a days I feel that sleep deprivation has made sleep pattern really weird. I forgot how to have a proper sleep. Only Allah knows how rough & unpredictable motherhood journey could be…… May Allah make things easier for us, Ameen

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