August 10, 2022

TO THE WOMAN WHO THINKS SHE ISN’T GOOD ENOUGHTo the woman who looks around and...


To the woman who looks around and wonders why everyone else is so much more capable, so much stronger, so much more ambitious than her.
To the woman who thinks everyone else is blazing a fiery path through this thing we call life, while she limps behind, barely getting through the days.
Somewhere, another woman is looking at you thinking exactly the same.
You see, we all look like we’re kinda nailing it, from the outside in.
We all look ‘together’ sometimes.
Catch us on the right day and hey, we look like we have it all.
Because guess what, we learned to look that way a long time ago.
We learned to hide our struggles behind a smile and whack on that mask every day.
And actually, we are doing each other a favour when we show up,
just as we are,
warts and all,
What we really need to see is that we are all the same.
We all struggle.
We all fall apart.
Some days we nail it, other days we get nailed.
By hiding our own weaknesses, fears, worries, we give them more power.
If you let it out, shine a light on it all, it becomes so much less scary, funny even…
And goodness only knows we need to laugh.
So, to the woman who wonders if she is good enough…
If this is you.
Yes you are.
You always were.
You don’t have to live up to everyone’s expectation of how you should be coping.
You are human, flawed, wonderful, miraculous, loveable, loved.
I see you,
Now do me a favour and go see all the others too.
Spread the word, we are good enough, just as we are.

Donna Ashworth
From ‘to the women’

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